About Hotels…

Transcription of the clip about Hotel check in and information request.

Good evening Sir

Good evening, I’d like to check in, please.

Certainly Sir. Do you have a reservation?

Yes, it’s in the name of Martin Andrew White.

That’s right. You’ve booked a room with a view of the harbour. Can you please sign your name in the registration book?

Here is your key card. You are in room number 1004, it’s on the thirtieth floor.  You’ll have a great view of the harbour from there.

Thanks. Where can I get something to eat?

Our restaurant is located on the third (3rd) floor. Dinner is served from 7.

Good.         What time is breakfast served in the morning?

Breakfast is served between six and ten.

Ok. Thank you for your help.


You’re very welcome Sir. I’ll call a bellboy to show you to your room.

I hope you enjoy your stay.



Asking about local information


Is there anything interesting to see nearby?

Yes, the hotel is in an area called The Rocks; it’s the

oldest part the city. There are many

cafés and restaurants nearby.

Are there any shops in the area?

There are a few small craft shops and we have a morning market

every Saturday and Sunday.

The morning market sounds interesting. Are there many stalls?

Yes. You can buy souvenirs, handicrafts, jewellery, clothes. It’s very good.

Where are the other shops?

Most of the shops are up in the city centre. It’s a short walk away.

And the harbour is nearby too, isn’t it?

That’s right. You’ll have a good view of it from your bedroom window.


Ligurian menus: Torta Pasqualina

Torta pasqualina is an Italian pie with a lovely spinach and ricotta filling. It’s an Easter tradition but you can enjoy it any time of year! Watch this recipe being made by clicking on the following link


Torta Pasqualina

Please print out the recipe and add it to your portfolio

Spinach and ricotta pie


Now, talking about dinner we might enjoy the following clip about the behind the scenes regarding the preparation of the United Kingdom State Dinner at the White House. Of course this is no common dinner…  Enjoy